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The Notebook is a 1996 American romantic novel by American novelist Nicholas Sparks. The novel was later adapted into a popular romance film by the same name in 2004. However, the movie and the book have very different endings.

The Notebook was inspired by the story of the grandparents of Sparks' wife, who had been married over sixty years when Sparks met them. Sparks marveled at how much the couple cared for each other, and wrote his novel as an attempt to describe such a love.

Noah: Hello
Alle: Noah?
Noah: Hi honey. Sorry, I could not come to you.
Alle: Do not know what to do .. He feared not to return.
Noah: I always come back (jajaja soff)
Alle: What happens when you no longer remember anything? What will you do?
Noah: I'll never leave you
Alle: I have to ask you something.
Noah: What honey?
Alle: Do you think our love can cause miracles?
Noah: Yes I do, that's what brings me back to you every time.
Alle: Do you think our love will bring us together?
Noah: I think our love can do whatever we want.
Alle: I love you
Noah: I love you Alle.

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Nidia Cartes on 15 de septiembre de 2009, 5:32 dijo...

i like this movie... is nice :)

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