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Learn something about English

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To express future action spontaneously, something you just think or decide that you do.

In Spanish when we use the future tense, in a phrase such as "I'll buy... Your ... She will come ..." in English we use "Will".

And what is "Will"?
"Will" is a modal verb (or auxiliary) used to shape the future.

  • I will work. (Yo trabajaré.)
  • She will study. (Ella estudiará)
  • They will learn. (Ellos/as aprenderán)

How is abbreviated "Will"?

"Will" is abbreviated as follows: 'll. Therefore, we say: I'll Go
(yo iré)
  • I will / I'll
  • You will / You'll
  • He will / He'll
  • She will / She'll
  • It will / It'll
  • We will / We’ll
  • They will / They’ll

1. Afirmattive form:

The structure of the future with "Will" in affirmative sentences:
Structure: Subject + will + verb

  • I will play football.(yo jugaré futbol)
NOTE: short/contracted form in the will-future:
  • I'll play football.
2. Negative form:

The structure of the future with "Will" in negative sentences:
Structure: Subject + will not + verb

  • He will not play football.
  • He won't play football.
  • He'll not play football.
3. Interrogative form:

The structure of the future with "Will" in interrogative sentences:
Structure: Will + subject + verb

  • Will he play football?

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