martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

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Paris Hilton demand a greeting card company

Justice has decided that the famous Paris Hilton may go ahead with the lawsuit it filed against "Hallmark Cards" improper use of his image and his typical phrase "That's hot" in a birthday card a couple of years ago.
The lawsuit was filed in September 2007 by the heiress, who claimed to multinational greeting cards the not inconsiderable figure of $ 500,000 (about 363,000 euros) for unauthorized use of your image. The company stepped out in an official statement saying that it was a satirical series that parodies celebrities and politicians, for which it has rights. Hilton said at the time that Hallmark had violated his privacy and publicity rights to steal a scene from his reality 'Simple Life' in a birthday card that is titled: "The first day of Paris as a waitress.

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