domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2009

Style of artists

Publicado por María Jose en 18:55
Lady Gaga, one of the most controversial singers of the moment, is also one of the celebrities that draws much attention for their clothing differently. Lady Gaga's style stands out from others by having a very avant-garde and futuristic look. Lady Gaga is able to juggle her hair and extravagant shows with this look that usually takes several times. If you want to recreate their look, opt for a tie the color of your outfit and put it in your cabelo, you'll see that look great.

Something that has imposed the "basic" in its look are the bodies. The garment, used by us when we were little, has gained considerable strength in the fashion world and Lady Gaga could not leave them out nor shall forget you.

Style dresses Lady Gaga is somewhat bizarre and striking, but it also looks feminine, because a dress is always the best companion of every woman.

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